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Fostering a community of compassionate and confident learners. 

Programmes on learning better.


Learning is a lifelong process and this journey has only begun for children! At 32 Pages, we help preschoolers and lower primary schoolers have a great start by inspiring a love for learning while imparting important learning skills - social and emotional competencies - for them to be emotionally resilient.


A common Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) framework consists of five key dimensions: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management  (See MOE and CASEL).​ SEL skills enable us to self-regulate emotions, set, monitor and achieve goals, solve problems and persevere when faced with obstacles. 

Our Learning Framework





Reflect, reframe and share.

With this framework, we:
(1) encourage your child to reflect on their emotions and assumptions
(2) help your child to reframe how they see situations before reacting more productively
(3) empower your child to share what they learn with others - their family and friends!


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