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Lil Readers,
Big Dreams.

Building learning support communities for preschoolers in our rental flat neighbourhoods.

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The words we use and the stories we share shape how we see ourselves.


32 Pages is a ground-up initiative which builds up the emotional resilience of preschoolers. With the help of multi-sensory phonics lessons and storytelling sessions we give our children the tools to express themselves and connect with others.

What can we do with 32 pages?

Pile of Books

For  Children

Join a Storytelling Sunday

Head on over to our free neighbourhood sessions. Featuring local children literature, these social and emotional learning sessions are suitable for ages 5 to 8. We would be exploring themes ranging from empathy to emotional management!

For  Parents

Redefine learning at home

Opportunities for social and emotional learning is everywhere! For at home learning, check out our tips and materials to explore how you can connect as a family while reading and learning.

Illustrated Family
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