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We create impactful volunteering experiences

because the village we are building for the child matters.


Graduation at SCCFSC


Big Book Reading at SCCFSC


Feature @ MSF Social Service Office's 10th Anniversary


Ground Up Day 2023


Regular Session at Bukit Panjang

The Volunteer Experience

We drive the self-work for volunteers to become learning facilitators that inspire curiosity and experimentation. We welcome anyone who has the motivation to learn more about community development and how to inspire a love for learning.


Design Thinking for Asset Based Teaching 


Child-Centric Approaches (such as DIR Floortime, ABA etc.)


Meeting Like-minded People who Believe in Human Potential 

Key Takeaways 

Sometimes I see myself in the children - especially when they feel anxious from not doing a good job or writing a letter wrongly. It's an experience of rediscovering myself and helping the children at the same time.
Volunteering is my source of joy. You see how you make a difference from the child's actions and emotions.

Xinyi Yang (A 1 year English Public Speech Student)

A Volunteer's Journey

child and volunteer doing emotions wheel worksheet

1. Onboarding  - A compulsory 4-hours training where we explain our work and impart design thinking frameworks and behavioral management techniques. Volunteers are expected to tailor our plans to individual child needs during 1-1/1-2 volunteer-child segments.

2. Deployment - Volunteers can opt for ad-hoc or structured opportunities (10 weeks per cycle) where they will engage preschool/primary schoolers as learning facilitators. Long-term commitment is strongly encouraged since consistency helps children learn better.

3. Coaching - Volunteers will be supported during session by the core team. You will be coached on how to engage children better and respond to unexpected situations.

4. Continuity - Volunteers are welcome to continue with us! We've had multiple volunteers who stay on after their first stint.

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