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About Us.

32 Pages is a ground up organisation that works with children to build motivation and resilience in learning. We train community members to model positive behaviour and hone socio-emotional competencies. 

Our Vision

We envision a society where every child is supported to thrive on their own terms.

Our Mission

Building up a community of compassionate and confident learners.

Est. 2021

Started in 2021, 32 Pages began with the belief that all children should be supported enough to aspire. Serving over 100 children across 3 neighborhoods, we have learnt that adults play an important role in helping children thrive.


Partnership with South Central Community Family Service Centre @ 50 Hoy Fatt Road for their Social and Emotional Learning Program. 


Partnership with MSF SSO @ Kreta Ayer and Bukit Merah and WeLL (We Love Learning) Centre @ Henderson for their Happy Learners' Program


Partnership with PAP Zheng Hua Branch where we are running our Little Readers, Big Dreams Program for children of ages 4-9 years. We look forward to working more closely with parents and helping caregivers enhance their children's social and emotional wellbeing. 

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