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Little Readers, Big Thinkers

A Socio-Emotional and Literacy Curriculum (Ages 4 - 10) 

Our BIG approach...

3 child participants posing

Collaborating with parents and co-creating learning experiences with community members.

volunteer and child playing with clay

Capitalising on children's strengths and interest to develop an interest in learning.

child squatting down on sand

Modelling ways for the children to manage their emotions and interact with others productively.

For Ages 4 to 10 years

Learning to express and regulate emotions in 3 Stages.


Cycle 1

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Self-regulation

  • Self-identity (how they perceive themselves)

"I feel _____, I can _____"




Cycle 2

  • Cultivating Empathy

  • Communicating productively

  • Cooperation

  • Relationship building

"You feel _____, you can _______"

Other- awareness


Cycle 3​

  • Self-direction (setting goals and following through)

  • Conflict Management

  • Civic Engagement

We feel _____ because of ______. We can ______"



Socio-emotional curriculum for preschoolers (ages 4- 6) 


Socio-emotional curriculum for lower primary schoolers (ages 7- 10) 

Growing Motivation and Resilience in Learning...

One Interaction at a Time.

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